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Frank 3 Letter Words Age 20 Self-Correcting 2-Piece Puzzle 1N

3 Letter Words: Children’s first introduction to spelling using the letters and sounds they have learnt. The 2-piece jigsaw puzzles have one letter on one of the pieces and two on the other.

Frank Abacus Age 5+ 1N

275.00 240.26
  • The puzzle is suitable for children of 5 years and above
  • This fun activity gives exposure and introduces your kid to basic words and spellings which enhances their vocabulary, speaking and memory.
  • This puzzle is made of good quality cardboard and high-quality print. You won’t find any of the characters getting peeled off or color fading issues. Long lasting over years.
  • Skillset: Builds fine motor skills. Sharpens creativity & curiosity.
  • Parents may be required initially to guide their child into this new creative activity so as to get them into the flow of arranging all the pieces correctly.

Frank African Safari A Memory Game 1N

495.00 422.49
  • The memory game includes 4 safari jeep pieces, 4 finish pieces and 20 animal pieces.
  • The memory game also contains 24 photograph tiles
  • The kit provides 4 game pawns
  • It also contains an informational booklet and a set of instructions.
  • It is suitable for children above the age of 4

Frank Alphabet My Big Flash Cards # 27 Big Flash Cards Age 3+ 1N

199.00 173.86
Alphabet Flash Cards - Its a set of big flash cards which help in teaching children, alphabets through phonetics. Assists children to learn the sounds and builds vocabulary through various fun-filled activities. Age: 3 yrs. & above

Frank Alphabets Capital & Small 26 Self-Correcting 2-Piece Puzzles Age 3+ 1N

275.00 240.26
A range of educational toys introducing basic concepts to the beginners.

Frank Animal Homes 20 Self-Correcting 2-Piece Puzzles 1N

A fun educational game for young children to learn about the different homes of animals. It will help create awareness in young children about the homes that different animals live in. It has 20 self-correcting 2-piece puzzles, one with the picture of the animal and the second with the home. By connecting these two, the child will learn about the animals and their homes. Such games help the young child to recognize patterns, increase knowledge about the subject matter and improve memory.

Frank Animals Two-Piece Puzzles A Set Of 6 Puzzles 1N

  • A range of educational toys introducing basic concepts to the beginners
  • Develops imagination, coordination, visual learning
  • Enhances memory skills through fun-filled activities

Frank Baabaa Black Sheep & Other Rhymes 3+ A Set Of 4 Puzzles 1N

  • Early learner
  • Nursery rhyme puzzles
  • Based on popular nursery rhymes

Frank Count Well Gift Pack 1N

450.00 384.08
  • The activity kit contains 12 double-sided wipe clean cards.
  • Also, the kit provides a set of 12 colorful crayons to aid in the counting process.
  • 1 wipe away marker and with an eraser will be provided with the kit.
  • This kit also includes a spinner to make this fun. This activity is suitable for children above 3 years
  • A parent-teacher guide booklet will be provided for further reference

Frank Disney Aladdin Jigsaw Puzzle Age 5+

  • This 60-piece jigsaw puzzle is based on the well-known Disney movie Aladdin
  • The puzzle, having dimensions of 35 x 23.5 cm, is suitable for kids (both boys and girls) of 5 years of age and above
  • It is made of good quality cardboard and printed using non-toxic inks
  • Each puzzle piece has a part of the picture shown on the box, the child has to fix the pieces together in the correct manner to form the complete picture
  • Parents may be required initially to guide their child into this new creative activity so as to get them into the flow of arranging all the pieces correctly
  • The trial and error involved will teach them to be patient and develop in them problem-solving skills
  • Assembling the puzzle will improve the child’s concentration, ability to solve problems, use their logic and help them learn the art of being patient

Frank Disney Frozen 2 Puzzle # 3 In 1N Puzzle Age 3+

375.00 327.63
Ideal for the Disney Frozen fans here comes this adorable jigsaw puzzle. It is helpful in learning skills, eye hand coordination & sharpens memory.