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Galaxy Crispy 36G

45.00 44.25
Galaxy Chocolate Crispy,36g Galaxy Crispy Chocolate is a delicious milk chocolate bar with crispy bits made from rice flour. The crispy bits make the chocolate more crispy and crunchy, when munched on.Galaxy Chocolate Crispy has been a strongly growing chocolate brand. The crispy taste of the chocolate gives you a tasty delightful treat.High quality hand picked cocoa beans, high quality rice flour, premium quality milk and other ingredients are used for the manufacturing of Galaxy Crispy Chocolate. A wonderful treat to keep your fridge full stocked with these goodies to have for desserts making.

Galaxy Minis Smooth Milk 250G

  • Smooth and creamy Galaxy chocolate lovingly created to melt in your mouth.

Galaxy Smooth Milk 19.1G

Made with 100% pure cocoa butter and available in a variety of formats , GALAXY® Chocolate offers a silky smooth texture and delicious, lingering taste to create the perfect moment of chocolate pleasure.