ITC Limited is an Indian multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. Established in 1910 as the ‘Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited’, the company was renamed as the ‘India Tobacco Company Limited’ in 1970 and later to ‘I.T.C. Limited’ in 1974

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Capstan Rich Flavour Mint Blast 69Mm

Capstan Rich Flavour Mint Blast 10N
  • Made in India
  • Mfd By: ITC Ltd.
  • Quantity: 10 Cigarettes
  • Cigarette Length: 69mm
  • Weight: Approx 10gms
  • Warning: Tobacco causes cancer. Not for sale to Minors.

Classmate Archimedes Mathematical Drawing Instruments 1N

150.00 130.00
  • Specially designed kit for excelling with precision in geometry.
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Die-cast compass Provides wobble-free and consistent precision
  • Double-sided tray Prevents scratches and provides quick access
  • Compass with spur gear technology Ensures coordinate movement and symmetry
  • Mechanical Pencil For a higher level of precision

Classmate Asteroid Mathematical Drawing Instruments 1N

250.00 230.00
  • Compass with unique “Arm-Lock” Screw To ensure perfect alignment
  • Switchable-Arm mechanism Your compass now becomes your divider
  • Foldable 30cm scale With “auto press-lock”
  • Double-sided tray No more scratched instruments
  • Mechanical Pencil for a higher-level precision
  • Die-cast compass No loose attachments, wobbling, shifting

Classmate Child Safe Eraser 1N

  • Child safe erasers
  • Non-Toxic phthalate free
  • Dust free and clean erasing

Classmate Colour Crew Sketch Pens 04052002Dyn 1N

30.00 26.25
  • Classmate sketch pens
  • Smooth Ink Flow
  • Ink with Lubicants for rich and even colours
  • With special anti-choking cap that ensures child safety

Classmate Colour Fun 04056001Dy 1N

99.00 92.50
  • Classmate color crew range of art materials, with its child safe, rich and vibrant colors helps kids explore their creativity
  • 6 Piece Combo Set consisting of Drawing book (40 Pages), jr. Oil Pastels, Wax Crayons, Eraser, Sharpener, Scale (15 Cm)
  • Easy to use and can fit in the school bag easily, its an ideal gift for your kid
  • The set features bright colours and attractive print that your child will surely love
  • Country of Origin: India

Classmate Insta Glide Smooth Writing Gel Blue Gel Pen

20.00 17.00
  • Special Nickel Silver Tip for extra smooth and neat writing
  • Durable Metal Clip
  • Attractive Barrel Design

Classmate Ocane Glide Black Gel Pen 1N

10.00 8.75
  • Superior mechanism
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent grip
  • Effortless writing pleasure

Classmate Octane Black Ball Pen 1N

10.00 8.75
  • Special ink for super smooth writing
  • Textured grip for super grasp
  • Special refill that writes 2 times longer

Classmate Octane Blue Ball Pen 1N

10.00 8.75
  • Special ink for super smooth writing
  • Textured grip for super grasp
  • Special refill that writes 2 times longer