“There’s nothing like a Mentos kiss! With a variety of innovative candies and gums there is always the right product to experience the kiss of your life!”

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Chewy Dragees Mentos Grape Flavours 120G

299.00 270.00
  • Imported product
  • Grape Flavour
  • Weight: 120g

Chewy Dragees Mentos Yoghurt Fruit Flavours 120G

299.00 270.00
  • Imported product
  • Yoghurt Fruit Flavour
  • Weight: 120g

Mentos Fruit 29G

25.00 20.00
  • If you want a refreshing taste and love Mentos chewy texture, pickup a pack
  • Superbly strong flavoured mints for a super fresh and ever pleasant breath
  • Easy to carry and apt for outings or breaks or movies or picnics or just anywhere
  • Mentos fruit has a mix of strawberry, orange and lemon

Mentos Mint

  • Refreshing mint flavoured chewy candy that is crunchy outside, chewy inside
  • Provides freshness with cool breath and helps connect with people
  • Also available in orange,strawberry and assorted flavou