Mitchell USA has been at the forefront of exploration and innovation in beauty and skincare since 1954. Our incredible journey began with the ‘Mitchell’ clan of the Scotland highlands who have long been revered as the masters of dermatology. The Group later diversified into niche products targeted towards discoloration, aging and flaws in ‘dark’ skins, leading to the birth of Mitchell Cosmetics Ltd.

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Mitchell Usa Age-Less Age Preventation Moisturising Sunscreen 50Ml

  • Age Prevention is a Day Cream with SPF 45 to protect your skin from the sun and blocking a broad spectrum, almost 98% UVA and UVB rays while making your skin youthful and radiant. It protects the skin from tanning.
  • Most advanced anti-aging technology Oil-free, Sweat and Water Proof thus making it ideal for Indian climatic conditions and is an effective anti-aging for women and men alike
  • It is a deeply hydrating and moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream that’s ideal for Indian conditions and dermatologically tested for Indian skin
  • Anti-aging benefits of Sacred Lotus seed extracts prevents fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves elasticity of skin and helps nourish it by generously replacing lost moisture

Mitchell Usa Age-Less Facial Toner 100Ml

  • Alcohol-free Facial Toner is a unique anti aging face toner with no harsh drying effects of alcohol. It balances pH levels of skin
  • Unlike other skin toners for face glow, this alcohol free face toner does not dry the skin which also makes it suitable for all skin types
  • Enriched with Chamomile, Cucumber and Aloe Vera, this alcohol-free skin toner for face plumps up the skin cells and effectively tones the skin without stripping it away of its natural moisture
  • Your skin looks younger, tighter and toned with a mild astringent effect to give you a non-stinging feel
  • Tightens the skin and make the pores receptive, gives the skin a healthy glow

Mitchell Usa Age-Less Intense Dark Spot Remover Fading Serum 50Ml

  • Age-Less Intense Dark Spot Remover Fading Serum
  • It 50 ml
  • Removes Intense Dark Spot

Mitchell Usa Age-Less Lift & Firm Tightening Serum 30Ml

  • Age-Less Lift and Firm Tightening Serum
  • Quantity: 30 ml
  • Brightens skin

Mitchell Usa Age-Less Night Hair Tonic Day Hair Tonic 200Ml

  • Night Hair Tonic - For Scalp Nourishment, An aqua-based rejuvenating treat for your hair that gets fully absorbed in the scalp. Offers best nutrition and complete nourishment.
  • Night Hair Tonic - Reduces hair fall within 15 days and encourages new hair growth. Enriched with Calendula, Pea Sprout & Grape extracts, it nourishes and energizes.

Mitchell Usa Age-Less Night Therapy Anti-Wrinkle Cream 50G

  • Anti aging Night Cream which helps your skin renew and repair itself overnight
  • Sacred Lotus Seed extracts stimulate collagen production, firming the skin. It plumps the skin to give a smoother, youthful look
  • Enriched with Lotus Bio-Repair Formula. It nourishes and revitalizes your skin. It activates Natural Luminosity in just 4 weeks
  • Deeply hydrating and moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream. Specially clarifies and nourishes dry and dull skin
  • Ideal for Indian conditions and dermatologically tested for Indian skin

Mitchell Usa Age-Less Papaya Brightening Cleanser Facial Wash 200Ml

550.00 540.00
  • Papaya Brightening Cleanser is an anti-aging facial wash with Sacred Lotus seeds extracts that reduces the effects of aging on your skin
  • Contains goodness of Papaya that helps your skin glow and brightens the complexion with skin purifying properties
  • It gently cleanses the skin, removes dirt and unclogs pores
  • Effectively and gently removes makeup and impurities with its skin purifying properties and activates Natural Luminosity in just 4 weeks
  • Enriched with Lotus Bio-Repair Formula for perfectly soft, smooth and glowing skin

Mitchell Usa Age-Less Skin Energizer Peptide Hydration Cream 30Ml

1,130.00 1,120.00
  • Moisturizes and gently exfoliates the skin
  • This hydrating and moisturizing cream is ideal for Indian conditions and dermatologically tested for Indian skin
  • Enriched with Lotus Bio-Repair Formula, the botanical enzymes speeds up cell renewal whereas Sacred Lotus seed extracts in a special combination hydrates, rejuvenates and energizes the skin
  • Also improves elasticity of skin and helps nourish it by generously replacing lost moisture. It rejuvenates and makes the skin radiant. It also activates Natural Luminosity in just 4 weeks
  • After consistent usage the skin becomes plumper and hydrated. There is visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

Mitchell Usa Skin Polish Insta-Brite Exfoliating Cream 50G

1,440.00 1,430.00
  • Quantity- 50 gm
  • Skin Polish
  • Insta-Brite Exfoliating Cream