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Britannia Cake Muffills 100% Veg Double Choco 32G

  • Comes with the goodness of milk
  • Easily melts in mouth cakes
  • Filled with flavoursome fruit bits that are sure to make you crave

Scotch-Brite Bottle Cleaner

160.00 146.66
  • Scotch-Brite bottle cleaner brush provides superior clean to your bottles
  • Angular Design - Reaches all nooks and corners
  • Has a non scratch scrubber which does not scratch surface
  • Has antibacterial foam which prevents the growth of bacteria , suited for baby bottles
  • Suited for wide mouth bottles - Glass / Plastic , Do not use in narrow mouth bottles

Scotch-Brite Kitchen Gloves Ultra-Soft Cotton Lining Extra Sensitive Grip 10Cm 1N

100.00 98.79
  • Made from high quality ecofriendly rubber
  • Inner cotton lining for comfort
  • Fresh Lemon Scent
  • Extra long cuffs
  • Protects hands from harsh household detergents and cleaners

Scotch-Brite Kitchen Sink Brush

119.00 108.89
  • Scotch-brite kitchen sink brush
  • Refillable head
  • Reaches nooks and corners

Scotch-Brite Kitchen Wiper

150.00 137.40
  • Streak free single swipe clean for a instant dry surface
  • High quality TPE blade with durable handle
  • Ergonomic handle easy to hold and use
  • Lasts longer

Scotch-Brite Power Scrub 10Cm X 8Cm

50.00 45.13
Scotch-Brite is a products . The product is various types of surfaces for industrial applications, such as discs, belts, and

Scotch-Brite Premium Kitchen Towel 35Cm X 35Cm 1N

130.00 126.50
Scotch Brite Premium Kitchen Towel use for dry or wet wiping of kitchen counters and surfaces easy to clean kitchen. Handy

Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad With Stain Cutter S-Shape 10Cm X 14Cm

60.00 58.51
  • Uniformly spread stain cutters for superior cleaning
  • Unique 'S' shape for comfortable grip
  • Lasts Longer
  • Material: Scrub Pad

Scotch-Brite Silver Sparks 7Cm X 10Cm

15.00 14.04
  •   Cleans better and long lasting
  •   Superior Cutting Power formula