Skittles Taste the Rainbow

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Skittles Bite Size Fruit Candies 9G

  • Perfectly delicious colourful candies for Halloween basket
  • Skittles are chewy fruit flavoured candies with a crispy sugar shell
  • Comes in rainbow colours that make your dull moments fun
  • A great Halloween gift that is fun to savour and share
  • The convenient tube pack allows you to carry it along, wherever you go
  • Also try the distinctive Wild Berries flavoured Skittles candies

Skittles Crazy Sours 55G

  • A variety of bite-sized chewy candies with a colorful candy shell
  • Sour chews

Wild Berry Skittles 9G

  • FSSAI License Number: 10019043002468
  • Soft candy

Wild Berry Skittles Bite Size Fruit Flavoured Candies 9G

Everyday life is a surprisingly endless source of entertainment and you just need some Skittles to see it. Wild berry flavoured Skittles, with their vibrant colours and fruity flavours, are enough to make your dull moments, fun and your mood, comic.