Skykidz By Mitashi
nterlinking hearts and synchronizing emotions, we, at Mitashi weave a dream with every creation of ours. Making the recipe of life the most tingling to our senses, we add the unique ingredients of education, entertainment, innovation, creativity, feelings and dedication to serve you the best of the products, manufactured with detailed precision.

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Mitashi Skykidz Bubble Submarine Sk 173 1N

1,049.00 999.00
  • Shoots playful bubbles
  • Attractive flashy lights
  • Lively and cheerful music
  • Switch on for colouful lighting
  • Bump and go action for non stop fun
  • Runs on 3 AA size batteries

Mitashi Skykidz Dancing Pets Sk 174 1N

  • Ideal for boys, girls
  • Made of plastic
  • Colourful LED lights when holds your child’s attention
  • Battery operated (not supplied)
  • Animals run and moves with your children
  • Musical melodies fit to make your child dance with the animal
  • Rotates head

Mitashi Skykidz Galaxy Robo Sk 182 1N

  • Fight the aliens, press the head of the guard to launch the disc
  • The guard uses its light on the eyes, arms and chest to view the dark galaxy
  • The robo guard moves forward and swing its arm to protect the galaxy
  • Get a real time feel with the dynamic music of the robo
  • Type of batteries “aa” 1 5v
  • Product dimension 19 x 11 x 25 cm
  • Sound effects dynamic sound

Mitashi Skykidz Learning Turtle Sk 180 1N

899.00 856.30
  • The turtle gives you a great experience of understanding shapes, colour with fun music
  • Type of actions: turtle bumps and moves with soft music and also moves in Omni-directional
  • Quality of the material: the product comes with non-toxic and great finishing, which is also easy to carry
  • On and off functions: button is placed on the tail of the turtle
  • Age (minimum to max) 2 years plus
  • Product skills: the product gives you the educational experience of learning with playing
  • Safety for child's: the product comes with 100 percent child safety

Mitashi Skykidz My Bubble Ice Cream Car Sk 165 1N

999.00 951.55
  • Playful bubbles
  • Flashing lights
  • Attractive feel good music
  • Bump and go action for non stop fun
  • Runs on 3 AA size batteries

Mitashi Skykidz My Musical Buddy Sk 192 1N

1,249.00 1,189.68
  • Get home your child's first friend - My Musical Buddy
  • Beautifully crafted space age robot with a charming personality
  • Consists of three modes, free mode, learning mode and test mode.
  • Colorful keys introduce your child to sounds that helps them develop their motor skills
  • Teach your child their first shapes & colors
  • Screen displays coloured keys that help the child play different nursery rhymes
  • Rotate the headset to play a different rhyme
  • By pressing the top button on the head any melody created by your child can be recorded and replayed
  • Curated soundtrack with an attached piano
  • Quality of the material: The Product comes with non-toxic & great finishing, which is very much safe & easy to play
  • How to operate it: Put ON the buddy, then press different color buttons for different music notes. One can just listen to rhymes by just rotating the headset.
  • Safety for Childs: The product comes with 100% safety.
  • Product Skills: The Musical buddy helps the child to learn thing like color, rhymes shapes, music with great fun & joy
  • How much useful for children: The product helps the children to build up their learning & Listening quality.

Mitashi Skykidz My Racer Car Sk 190 1N

1,299.00 1,237.30
  • Vrooom... Meet My Racer Buddy, your fast paced learning/ educational friend
  • Expand all areas of child development and skills for school readiness
  • Interactive early educational toy to learn alphabets and numbers
  • Visually attractive design that encourages imaginative play
  • Simple slide feature that exposes the keyboard
  • Easy to operate
  • Age - 3 to 6 Years

Mitashi Skykidz Pirate Ship Sk 164 1N

  • Melodious music
  • Flashing and search lights for appealing effect
  • Bump and go action for non stop fun
  • Oars rows like real ship
  • With more funny functions
  • Runs on 3 AA size batteries

Sky Kidz My Smart Puppy Sk 178 1N

  • Let your child enjoy the exciting moves of this smart puppy
  • Futuristic puppy that walks, moves head, swings’ tail, woofs and dances to music
  • His eyes and feet twinkles for child’s entertainment
  • He is a loyal puppy and will turn back to you when faces a hurdle (bump-n-go)
  • Sound effects dynamic sound (music)
  • Product dimension 20 x 14 x 21 cm
  • Number of batteries 3