Whenever something delicious will be cooked in India, the utensils will have burnt spices and turmeric marks smeared all over. So for every recipe, we present the new Xpert dishwash bar – the specialist for burnt spices and turmeric stains on the utensils. Its double action formula gives a magical cleaning experience for all dirty dishes and shiny utensils. Also, Xpert dishwash bar soggs 50% less.

Serving since 2006, Xpert dishwash bar has come a long way in removing utensil chores of household women and is now the second largest brand in terms of volume. In a limited span of time, Xpert dishwash bar has become a household name and is available across every nook and corner of the country. Being used by all strata of society and considering its value for money proposition, you can pick Xpert dishwash bar and see you Kitchen Utensils shining in a snap!

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Xpert Double Action Formula 300G

20.00 19.30
  • Removes Tough Grease Easily
  • For Odourless Cleaning

Xtert Stainless Steel Scrubber 30G

15.00 10.07
  • Quality Material - A 30g stainless steel scrub is exactly you need to keep your cookware clean. Its metal base takes away the grease from your pots, pan, plates, and dishes in a heartbeat. Making them a must-have addition to every home, and a professional kitchen.
  • ● Tough & Flexible - With the metal dish scrubbers tough yet flexible body you can easily clean heavy-duty grease, stains, and tough to remove foods. By adding the force and tough touch required, you will be able to get out any stain without working overtime. Scrubbing down has never been easier.
  • ● Quick Scrub - This metal cookware cleaner comes with a smart design that spreads out in every direction. Cover every inch without setting your cleaning at any specific angle. Additionally, these metal dish scrubbers are easy to use and gentle on your hands. Making them a great choice when looking to cut down cleaning time, without compromising on the cleanliness.
  • ● Rust Free - stainless steel scrub comes with an odor-free, and rust-free setting. Simply make sure you rinse the metal dish scrubber thoroughly, so any food component is not left behind. This way the metal sponge will stay odor-free, making sure nothing passes from one pot to the next.