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Amul Kool Badam Shakers Contains Badam Bits 200Ml

Amul Kool Badam milk shakes are ended up with 100 % pure natural ingredients and with richness of milk. It holds carbohydrates, calcium, added sugar, protein, vitamins etc. It is a delectable drink rich in nutrients.

Amul Kool Cafe 200Ml

  • Cold coffee for a great start to the day
  • Flavored double toned milk
  • Delicious coffee flavour

Amul Kool Koko Chocolate Milk 200Ml

  • It is an easy to use delicious drink that refreshes you immediately with goodness of milk
  • To be taken directly on move small packs or at home, parties, picnics family pack
  • Taste best when chilled
  • Shake, open and enjoy the delicious goodness of chocolate

Amul Kool Mango Shakers 200Ml

  • Rich in nutrients
  • Its delicious drink

Amul Kool Rose Flavour 180Ml

20.00 19.94
  • Sterilized
  • Homogenized
  • Flavored double toned milk
  • Rose flavour