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Baby Biotique Bio Almond Oil Massage Oil 200Ml

  • How to use : Gently massage over cleansed, dry skin, from neck to toes, with very gentle, circular motions
  • Kusumbhi Tail (Carthamus Tinctorius Oil), Erandi Tail (Ricinus communis Oil), Neem Tail (Melia Azadirachta Oil), Soya Tail (Anethum Sowa Oil), Badam Tail (Prunus Amygdalus Oil)
  • Surajmukhi Tail (Helianthus Annuus Oil), Malkangani Tail (Celastrus Paniculatus Oil), Til Tail (Sesamum Indicum Oil)

Biotique Bio Avocado Stress Relief Body Massage Oil 200Ml

  • This soothing oil is a blend of pure avocado, almond, sesame, sunflower and margosa oils, mixed with dandelion extract, to relieve body fatigue and tension
  • pecially formulated for a full-body spa massage, it relaxes the muscles and leaves the skin smooth, soft and supple. It relieves body of all tiredness
  • Suitable for all skin types.

Biotique Bio Citron Stimulating Body Massage Oil 200Ml

  • Quantity: 200ml
  • Item Form: Oil
  • Citron is the fruit of ancients, rich in vitamin C and anti-microbial properties. It has been used to restore and brighten skin for thousands of years
  • This stimulating formula is a blend of pure citron with anti-oxidant Vitamin E, lavender and groundnut oils, to relieve body fatigue and soreness
  • How To Use: Massage liberally into body skin, using circular motions, from ankles to neck. Apply daily or as needed
  • Target Audience: Men & Women
  • Package Contents: 1 Bio Citron Stimulating Body Massage Oil

Khadi Kailash Luxurious Coconut Massage Oil Soothing Hydrating 240Ml

  • Coconut Massage Oil
  • Leaving your skin silky soft, smooth and illuminated
  • Quantity: 240 ml

Khadi Neem Oil 230Ml

  • Powerful Anti-Fungal Hair And Skin
  • Nourishment Promotes Hair Growth
  • For All Hair Types No Mineral Oil, Paraben, Sulphate, Silicon, Colours And Fragrance

Khadi Relaxing And Exotic Massage Oil 230Ml

  • Helps you achieve a more enhanced, relaxing massage and provides countless skin nutrient benefits and intensive hydration for dry skin
  • Massage oil, natural massage oil, no harmful chemicals, not applied on animals, paraben-less, silicone-less, 100% vegan
  • Our blend of natural oils will awaken the senses and increase a relaxing and aromatic experience. We've included sweet almond, golden jojoba, grapseed, rice bran, organic coconut, avocado and safflower seed oil which are all perfectly balanced combination to help the skin to retain moisture long after you have applied the oil
  • Detox after a long day too many people underestimate the effect of a good massage, not only to alleviate sore muscles, but to revitalize the spirit as well. A good massage will relax and sooth you from head to toe. It's hard to pin point the exact reasons that it is such an effective form of relaxation for body mind and spirit, but somehow it is. This de-stressing massage oil allows for a variety of relaxing and detoxing massages such as deep tissue, swedish, shiatsu, and thai
  • Touch is one of our strongest senses just a finger lightly pressed on our skin, can send tingles up the spine. Imagine what two well placed hands can do. Our sensual massage oil with is the perfect conduit to achieving this sensation. Our massage oil is perfect for stress relief detox and energizing passion. Made with aromatic scented essential oils, this moisturizing oil is perfect for sore muscles and romantic evenings alike

Khadi Toning & Firming Massage Oil 230Ml

  • It fosters the perfect blend of skin firming goodness
  • This soothing massage oil is a blend of revitalising oils
  • Helps to minimise the loss of moisture

Organic Harvest Lemon Grass Essential Oil Free From Pesticides 10Ml

  • ECOCERT Certified / PeTA Certified : Our Lemon Essential Oil is pure Organic (made with organic plant derived extracts) which goes through a stringent, Earth-friendly, process to ensure there is no trace of synthetic & harmful ingredients. We never compromises quality over price
  • STRINGENT QUALITY TESTING, GC/MS TESTED AND CERTIFIED: Each & every essential oil goes through a stringent testing which includes GC-MS testing. Undiluted, Organic Ingredients, Premium Quality, and amazing fragrance of this Organic Harvest Essential Oil makes it the best essential oil
  • ASTRINGENT: Lemon Essential Oil is a holistic solution to skin problems due to its antiseptic and astringent properties. It helps in reducing excessive oil production from your skin. Allow yourself to get a calming and stimulating break from outside pollution, by diffusing few drops of lemon essential oil in any diffuser
  • BLEND: Essential oils are the magical potion that also work well in synergy with each other. In general, essential oils work better when mixed with other essential oils. One can always mix n match essential oils and make your own essential oil blend
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION/PACKAGE: Our customers are our #1 priority. For your purchase satisfaction, our authorized experts are just an email away from all your questions & concerns. We have packed this premium range essential oil in a high quality brown amber glass bottle with a tamper evident seal cap. Oil dispending dropper is also packed along with it which allows controlled dispensing & accurate measurements without waste

Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion With Tamarind Seeds Extract & Essential Oil 100Ml

  • MOISTURIZES THE SKIN: Organic Harvest body moisturizer blends with Organic Indegredients which gives you proper moisturization to your body. It keeps your skin soothing for all day long
  • SOFTENS DRY SKIN: It is a excellent sources of antioxidants that help nourish and keep the skin soft
  • REPLENISHES THE SKIN: Helps replenish and restore the skin’s natural pH balance.
  • SUITABLE FOR: All Skin Type
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC PRODUCT: It is a 100% Organic ECOCERT Certified Organic product made with plant derived extracts. It is free of Parabens, Mineral Oil and Animal Ingredients. 100% Vegan & Cruelty free face wash for skin.

Palmer’S Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Oil Body Oil 150Ml

510.00 488.10
  • Light and quick absorbing body oil for a well nourished and healthy skin
  • Enriched with coconut oil, monoi oil and sweet almond oil, this oil provides 24-hour long moisture
  • Gets absorbed into the skin quickly without leaving any greasy residue
  • Ethically formulated with sustainably sourced organic coconut oil; fair trade certified
  • Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic and not tested on animals
  • This product is free from parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten, sulfates, or dyes