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English Oven 100% Atta High Fibre Bread 400G

English Oven 100% Atta High Fibre Bread 400G

English Oven 100% Whole Wheat 400G

  • High on fibre
  • Freshly baked
  • Zero trans fat

English Oven Brown Bread 400G

  • With no trans-fat
  • No cholesterol and no added flavours
  • The brown bread is a pleasure with every meal

English Oven Garlic Bread 200G

  • Bring home an Italian meal with English oven's garlic bread to add variety and make your supper complete and flavoursome! With its soft texture, your taste buds are up for a real treat!

English Oven Milk Sliced White Bread 400G

  • Milk is scientifically proven to be a rich source of calcium and vitamin

English Oven Multi Grain 400G

  • Multigrain bread is a healthy choice for every member in the family
  • Oatmeal being one of its prime ingredients, helps to fight bad cholesterol besides keeping everyone content

English Oven Premium White Bread 350G

  • White bread that’s huge on taste and small in size

English Oven Premium White Bread 700G

  • Soft & delicious
  • Goodness of refined wheat flour
  • Makes a perfect toast
  • Suitable for entire family

Haldiram’S Special Suji Rusk 300G

Haldiram Rusk made with Refined Wheat Flour , Sugar, Edible Vegetable Oil, Semolina, Yeast, Edible Common Salt, Milk Solid, Fennel, Cardmom & Flour Treatment agent.

Harvest Gold Brown Bread 400G

  • Harvest gold products are [potassium bromate and potassium iodate
  • No artificial colours, no preservatives