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Beauty Blender 2902

  • Kaiv beauty blender is ideal for applying and blending foundation
  • Its pointed tip allows you to use the beauty blender around nose and eyes
  • The dual advantage of this accessory is that you may also use this sponge with cream blush, powders, primers and other makeup for a seamless and flawless effect

Compact Hair Brush Cfm 600

Sales Package
  • Hair Brush
Model ID
  • R1-Fm
Brush Type
  • Folding Hair Brush
Ideal For
  • Boys

Flat Brush 0203

  • This brush has excellent size and held comfortably in hand while brushing or styling hair
  • Recommended use of this brush is for medium to long hair but can be used on all hair types.
  • Bristles are made of thick stiff plastic
  • Wooden oval round handle for greater grip

Flat Hair Brush 0206H

  • Type: Designer Vent Hair Brush
  • Great for quick hair drying
  • Massages your scalp and promote blood circulation
  • Ergonomic design perfectly fits in your palm and is easy to hold
  • Wash your brush in soapy water, Keep away from the reach of children

Grooming Comb 0815

  • kaiv presents different types of Designer Combs in various sizes
  • It comes with fine teeth that lets you comb your hair without any pain or struggle
  • It is ideal for any length of hair and massage your scalp
  • These combs are simple yet effective way to comb your hair everyday

Gubb Detangle Comb Tgf005-1018 1N

  • This wide spaced ‘fine tooth comb’
  • Gently styles and shapes your hair effectively and in lesser time
  • Detangles your hair without breaking them
  • Suitable for both straight or lustrous curly hair
  • Avoids scrapping of hair cuticles while making them more manageable and beautiful

Gubb Dressing Comb Nec03-0316 1N

  • Features coarse/fine teeth to help you maintain your style
  • Soft material ideal for scalp
  • Suitable for all hair lengths and textures

Gubb Dual Function Tweezer # Dual Function Tweezer With Bro Comb Nbh018-0919

Getting ready for the party and finding your eyebrows uneven is surely killing for any girl. Now get this smart slant tip 'tweezer' for plucking all the unwanted hair around sensitive areas like eyes, skin and chin. Crafted from 100% stainless steel, this 'tweezer' is an ideal pick for day-to-day maintenance.How to useThe slant tip offers an angled, flat edge that's great for tweezing large areas quickly. It's perfect for shaping eyebrows because, whether you use the entire flat edge or just the tip portion, the angle allows you to easily see where you're tweezing while looking in the mirror. GUBB USA grooming range is specially designed to meet modern needs and to make personal grooming a fun task than just boring routine. All our products encourage the habit of Do It Yourself (DIY) grooming in the comfort of your home, also great for people who travel frequently. With GUBB you deserve to be pampered and be beautiful inside out, all day everyday!

Gubb Hair Coloring Brush Big Ngb013-0819 1N

  • Colours your hair to perfection
  • With a pointed tail
  • Colour: red

Gubb Hair Coloring Brush Small Ngb27-0319 1N

Hair Partitioning: Tip of the brush helps to make hair parting easy, making the hair colouring an enjoyable task. Perfect Precision: Lets you style your hair in the most perfect way with its pointed tip. Use it to dye scalp hair or experiment with the radiant shades on your beautiful tresses. Nylon Bristles: The black bristles are nylon made whereas handle of this tool is in attractive purple/red colour.

Gubb Hair Rollers Large Nbh013-0919 6 In 1N

  • These hair rollers by MINISO are easy to put in your purse or handbags as it is lightweight. Ideal to carry during your travels
  • Create volume and bounce with the hair rollers which has a vented design which allows for faster blow-drying experience
  • This pack contains an additional comb to provide better facilitatio for tools reagrding hair styling acesories
  • The hair roller has a firm and secure grip on your hair to let you have that lusciously locks
  • Is made of plastic and synthetic material

Gubb Hair Rollers Medium Nbh014-0919 6Pcs In 1N

  • Used for all hair types
  • Material:- sponge and plastic
  • Hold and locks curls in place
  • Color will be send randomly