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Asli Roghan E Balsaan

1,250.00 900.00
  • If we are using it for sexual power then we need to add 2 drops of this Natural Roghan e balsan in 100ml Milk (almost half glass). We can use any milk like cow milk, buffalo milk or goat milk. Please add 2 drops in warm milk and drink it after 15-30 minutes of your dinner.
  • For those couples that are trying for baby, men will use 2 drops and women will use only 1 drop of this natural Roghan e Balsan in 100ml warm milk and drink it after 15-30 mins of your dinner.
  • To increase length and thickness, please mix 2 drops of Roghan e Balsan in warm olive oil, please do not warm olive oil too much just slightly warm and massage it at night. After massage please wrap it with a piece of cotton cloth. When you wrap it please make sure that do not wrap it too tight. In the morning you can wash with any soap.
  • For diabetes patients, Please mix one drop in one spoon olive oil and drink it empty stomach in morning. Also 2 drops in 100ml milk and drink after 15-30 minutes of your dinner.
  • For paralysis, Please mix 6 drops of Natural Roghan e Balsan in required quantity of olive oil and massage it on affected parts of your body.

Axe Brand Universal Oil 10Ml

295.00 229.16
  • Quantity - 10m
  • Quick relief from cold and headaches
  • Suitable for use by both adults and children

Axe Brand Universal Oil 14Ml

340.00 266.68
    • Singpaore Axe Brand Universal Oil 56 ml / 1.89 fl oz RELIEF COLD & HEADACHE

Axe Brand Universal Oil 28Ml

  • Quickly relieves cold and headache
  • Quantity: 28 ml

Axe Brand Universal Oil 3Ml

85.00 80.00
  • For Quick Relief Of Cold & Headache
  • These Axe Brand Medicated Products Are Tested On Various Parameters To Rule Out Every Possibility Of Flaw.
  • Handy Mediccine For The Home
  • EXP DATE 03/2020

Axe Brand Universal Oil 56Ml

750.00 650.00
  • Handy medicine for the home
  • For quick relief of cold and headache

Axe Brand Universal Oil 5Ml

150.00 141.67
  • Medicated Oil
  • No Side Effects
  • Ingredients:Methyl Salicylate, menthol,camphor & mineral oil

Boro Plus Healthy Skin Antiseptic Cream 19Ml

  •  Antiseptic cream with Active Herbals formula.
  •   Heals cuts, burns, insect bites and minor sores.
  •   An effective moisturiser in winter.

Boro Plus Healthy Skin Antiseptic Cream 40Ml

  • Boro Plus cream is a trusted household cream for decades for a healthy and happy skin
  • Quantity : 1 tube of 40 ml
  • It contains skin-loving ingredients like tulsi, chandan, neem, haldi and aloevera
  • It works as winter cream, herbal cream, night cream, moisturizer for dry lips and cracked heels
  • Use it after a shower on the face, neck, elbows, feet, lips or any other dry parts of the body

Boro Plus Healthy Skin Antiseptic Cream 80Ml

  • Contains extracts of Aloe Vera, Neem, Basil, Turmeric, Sandalwood, and other precious blend of herbs, to pamper your skin.
  • Is an ayurvedic ointment that treats cuts, scratches, minor wounds, burns, and dry skin.

Boro Plus Perfect Touch Soft Antiseptic Cream 20Ml

  • Antiseptic cream
  • Non sticky skin friendly cream
  • Skin moisturiser