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Baygon Mosquito & Fly Killer 200Ml

  • Kills Mosquitoes on contact
  • Kills mosquitoes that may carry dengue & malaria
  • Kills hidden mosquitoes

Baygon Mosquito & Fly Killer 400Ml

  • Kills Mosquitoes on contact
  • Kills mosquitoes that may carry dengue & malaria
  • Kills hidden mosquitoes

Cherruy Blossom Black Liquid Shoe Polish 75Ml

  • Unique angular neck for easy application
  • Suitable for leather shoes
  • Keeps shoes looking new for longer

Godrej Cinthol Talc Lime Refreshing Deo Talc 100G

  • Talcum powder with enhanced lemony fragrance
  • Keeps you feeling fresh and energized all day
  • Cinthol Lime Talc provides protection from perspiration

Godrej Cinthol Talc Original Complexion Talc 100G

  • Complexion talcum powder
  • Superior skin protection
  • Cinthol Original Talc keeps skin healthy and glowing

Gubb Cotton Budds 100 Stems Spc001-1219

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Made from high quality 100% pure ‘sterilized cotton’ for everyday hygiene
  • Feature dual tip ‘cotton swabs’, which make them an ideal product for your beauty kit
  • Available in a pack of 100 pcs

Gubb Cotton Budds 200 Stems Spc002-0919

Gubb USA Cotton Buds 200 Pieces Ear Q-tips…

Gubb Dental Floss Mint Waxed Ltg07-0819

Our overall health is not complete without a proper oral hygiene. Brushing alone only removes the plaque from the surface of the teeth and not between them. This is why flossing is must for those hard to reach areas. Flossing not only makes your smile look attractive but its also helps to protect your teeth from plaque which may otherwise cause cavities in future. Include this Dental Floss Mint Waxed for flossing along with brushing in your oral hygiene routine to flaunt your best smile. Grab it now!

Gubb Dual Pocket Mirror 1X/5X Nbh033-0919

  • This ultra thin and lightweight mirror can be easily carried in your purse while going out
  • One side has a regular mirror to see your full face easily where as the other side comes with 5x magnifying mirror to give you a closer view of the face while doing makeup/touch ups
  • Is made with material, this mirror can rotate at 180 degrees to give you the comfortable view

Gubb Finger Nail Clipper Hit010-0319

  • Crafted with supreme quality steel
  • Smart cutting edges provide clean even cuts
  • Cuts nails precisely and smoothly